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Electricity/CO2 Measuring System Andon System
Annual energy use must be recorded, which is required by the Revised Energy Saving Act enforced in April 2010. Energy use is more strict, and management is required to be more extensive, than electricity use and CO2 emissions. Mitsuwa Electronic offers a low cost and compact 'Electricity/CO2 Measuring System', which displays electricity use and CO2 emissions so as to be easily seen at a glance. Easy measurement per unit of equipment and device. It can be customized as per your request. 電力量・CO2計測装置
Real-time display of operating conditions of a factory, which reduces the response delay caused by a momentary stoppage. Performing the automatic aggregation of capacity utilization, and collection as well as analysis of data is done to achieve higher productivity. Status of capacity utilization and stoppage of production can be displayed on a large-sized, custom-made Andon that sends a signal, or is displayed on a large-sized LCD monitor, etc. image
Picking system Automated Guided Vehicle
Eliminate mistakes of picking work to achieve efficiency. Even if workers have no production knowledge, it allows paperless and speedy picking. It can provide various types of modules (limit switch, area sensor and picking sensor, etc.). image
Mitsuwa is offering introductory consultations and sales of AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles). Various transport vehicles are available, and we support custom-made products according to customer's requirements. Please feel free to contact us. Part of the software (such as control programs, etc.), used for AGV, is produced by Mitsuwa. image
Barcode label printing system Traceability system
Labels (barcode ・ QR Code) can be printed with a free layout. A variety of data can be converted into barcode ・ QR code to print labels. It is also possible to issue a label in conjunction with the traceability system and product management. image
This is a system that keeps records on a server, of the history of production, inspection and delivery of products manufactured in a factory. It saves the test results including test image data of each product. As necessary, you can view the history. As a tool for analyzing the manufacturing and inspection process as a means of early detection and recovery of defective products, there are a variety of ways to use it as a means of pursuing a detailed cause in the event of failure after shipment. image
Temperature monitoring system (Image analysis) Air towel
Mitsuwa offers a temperature monitoring system using a thermographic camera. Improvements and elimination of defects are realized at production sites where the quality of products may change due to temperature change. Therefore, temperature continues to be monitored in the manufacturing process, and thermal analysis can be performed. Depending on the needs of our customers, different types of thermographic cameras can be provided. image
Mitsuwa produces and sells air towels. Our air towel does not only 'dry hands'. But it sterilizes a variety of bacteria by drying with hot air and a sterilization lamp. This is a key to preventing food poisoning and nosocomial infection (for which the bactericidal effects on Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, and Salmonella have been tested). Name of the product: Dr. Airtowel image
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