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Privacy Protection
Mitsuwa Electronic Co., Ltd. recognizes the value and effectiveness of personal information and takes social responsibility to protect all personal information handled through our operations. And we ensure that all employees understand and comply with our Privacy Policy in order to protect personal information. Our Privacy Policy is established as follows:
1. Management of Personal Information
We have established guidelines and policies for handling personal information, which we strive to continuously improve, while properly protecting and managing personal information.
2. Compliance with laws and Regulations
Our company complies with laws and other regulations regarding the protection of personal information.
3. Safety Measures
We will endeavor to take preventive and proper measures against unauthorized access to, and loss, destruction, falsification and leaks, etc. of, customers' personal information.
4. Personal Rights
We shall acknowledge and respect, the rights of those whose personal information we possess, and our obligation to respond to any disclosure, revision or deletion of personal information when requested by the owner of the said personal information, within a reasonable scope.
5. Purpose and Scope of Obtaining Personal Information
For the proper handling of personal information that is collected by the inquiry form and application form for employement opportunities through our web site, we ensure the development of management systems and company regulations conducted thorough employee education, and that we will take reasonable security measures in order to avoid any unauthorized access to, or loss, falsification or leaks, etc. of, our customers' personal information. We hereby declare a commitment to continuous improvement by reviewing our personal information protection management system to protect customers' personal information.
6. Providing Personal Information to Third Parties
We shall not disclose personal information we obtain to third parties without your prior consent except for cases that are legally exempt.