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Mankind will continue to follow its dream without limit, and a challenge to ceaseless technological development creates a highly information-oriented society, in which our lives are becoming more abundant. With constant challenge in the unknown field of total system technology with the main focus on control systems as well as software development, Mitsuwa has had the trust of its customers since its establishment in 1983, with its effort to accumulate advanced technology and know-how. We have been advancing in the field of aerospace using the best of state-of-the-art technologies in the development of the aerospace industry since the fiscal year 1997, and contributing to the development of the aerospace industry through technical assistance to our customers. Taking advantage of the features that large companies do not have, we want to create a Mitsuwa brand, which is expected by our customer businesses, by establishing a powerful technology group in order to sincerely and enthusiastically continue our development of more advanced technology.

CEO Kazuhide Hasegawa